Cynthia Davis NC Secondary '99

Published by Learning Focused Solutions (
Connecting Strategies in Math Acquisition Lessons 6-12 (co-authored by Cyndy Davis, Jeanette Gann, and Diane Spencer-another NC Presidential Award winner) 2.
Engaging Activities for Mathematics 6-12 (co-authored by Cyndy Davis and Jeanette Gann) 3.
Learning Focused Algebra I (February, 2010.)
This is an alternative to a traditional textbook and was written specifically for the struggling or average high school Algebra I studentIt consists of nine units formatted as a disposable textbook/workbook for student use. The teacher resources include the lesson plans for block schedule, learning map for each unit, pacing guide, answer keys for student pages, assessments( quizzes and tests) and answer keys for all assessments.

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