CPAM LOGO Attire Information
Lands' End Clothiers

If you like to show your CPAM Spirit, then you will enjoy these clothes from Lands' End.

For a limited time, Lands' End is offering a deal at its business outfitter web site. There is no minimum number of items that needs to be ordered to receive their reduced rate. If nothing else, check out their website to see what is available. If you have been desiring a hat, attache, cooler, tote, sweater, t-shirt, polo, denim shirt, special fleece etc with the CPAM logo attached, now is the time to buy!

CPAMers may order any item from the Lands' End Business outfitters section and have the item shipped directly to them. No limit on the number of items or on the item itself. This will reduce shipping, handling, and postage to the members.
The CPAM Logo number: 0313045W

Go to the business outfitters at

It is strongly suggested calling Lands' End to place your order. This allows you to have the logo stitched in color coordinating thread. The default logo color is "gold". Lands' End phone number 1.800.338.2000.
You may also go to to access the Business Outfitters site near the left hand corner at the bottom of their home page.

If you have quesitons, contact David Kapolka at