Benefits of Being a CPAM Member

CPAM Notes - Our quarterly newsletter that provides members with information on upcoming events, highlights of professional activities, and minutes of the Board of Directors meetings.

CPAM Website - An electronic means to provide members with a means to locate current information regarding our council and to stay informed about professional activities. The website is made possible through volunteers and is hosted by the Teachers Development Group which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving all students' mathematical understanding and achievement through meaningful, effective professional development. Our website address is

CPAM Directory - The CPAM Directory is a listing of the CPAM members and other Awardees. It is password protected and only available to CPAM members. You may acquire the login information by with an e-mail message to Susan: year you received your Presidential Award, your state affiliation, and email address. Once you have the password, click here.

CPAM Listserv - The CPAM Listserv is an electronic means to stay in touch through e-mail. This service is provided through volunteers and is hosted by the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) For information on joining the CPAM Listserv contact: Susan

The listserv is a monitored list and is open to all PAEMST Mathematics Awardees. You need to register to join the listserv.

Please include the year of your Presidential Award and your state.

CPAM Dues - Click here for dues information. Please keep your membership up todate so that you may benefit from all that CPAM has to offer.

Board Members - Click here for contacting any board member.